Developed, manufactured and produced in-house, Sabato Microtec’s slides stand out for their ease of use and patented locking system.
Made of GG25 cast iron and heat-treated, they have the advantage of remaining in position when locking the retaining screws.

Product description

Linear stage for automation with innovative locking system to maintain the position (±1µm) until 50Nm after lock.

Fileds of application

Automation, optics, assembly, microassembly, laser, measurements, tools positioning, mechanical machining.


Made of cast iron GG 25, with anti-oxidation surface treatment, in the standard dimensions of :

  1. 50×50 & 75×75 mm with a travel range of 13[mm].
  2. 100×100 & 150x150mm with a travel range of 25[mm]. 

The micrometric screw allows very high accuracy in adjustment, then the innovative locking system guarantees to keep the wanted position during locking phase and later on. The load capacity is higher than other traditional linear stage on the market (20[Kg] for the small size ,and 50[Kg] for the big size). The modular design allows you to invent your own cross table, offering great flexibility in designing your application. We offer also the possibility to create for you customized solutions.